​Licensing private rented property in Slough


The council want to make sure private rented properties offer residents a choice of safe, quality and well managed accommodation.

They know most landlords operate professionally and the private rented sector provides housing options for local people. Sadly, we still have concerns about levels of anti-social behaviour, overcrowding and some properties that fail to meet satisfactory levels of tenancy and property management.

They’re now proposing two new licensing schemes to tackle these issues. These proposals would allow the council to focus action against landlords who ignore their responsibilities while providing light touch regulation for landlords who are compliant.

Proposal 1 - Borough-wide ‘additional licensing scheme’
This scheme would cover ALL small houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) not covered by mandatory licensing.

Proposal 2 - Targeted ‘selective licensing scheme’
This scheme would require the majority of properties rented to single households or two unrelated people in the Central and Chalvey wards to be licensed.

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