What We Do


Supporting voluntary groups

With over 75 years experience in the voluntary sector , Slough CVS has the knowledge to guide and support communities in setting up voluntary groups. We assist with all aspects of finance, governance and SQP accreditation.


Fundraising and tendering support

Through our regular funding alerts and events we ensure groups are up to date with the latest available grants and awards, offering tips and advice on how to achieve a successful application


Information and advice

We offer a range of information and advice to help with every aspect of running a voluntary organisation. These include signposting and advocacy and how to create awareness of your organisation through marketing.

Simple Quality Protects

We provide a comprehensive quality assurance program called SQP which is designed to equip small groups with the necessary tools to ensure they have the correct policies, procedures and quality systems in place


Networking and Events

We run a wide range of networking events in and around the region to bring stakeholders together and facilitate debate. We act as ‘connectors’ between the local community and voluntary groups, the local authority and local businesses.


We offer a wide range of practical training for voluntary groups on topics such as safeguarding, health and safety, marketing, fundraising, media and a whole range of other useful courses.